PAINT PONDICHERRY - A Symbol of Expression when I started it.


I wanted to give an intro of what "Paint Pondicherry" so I came up with the article.
What we are?
What we are upto in near future.

                  I want to give a small brief about where we started. Let me tell about smile foundations, we started it in 2010 I guess, A group of students who wanted to do something or the other positively to the society, we have done blind cricket tournaments, Every Festival Celebrated with orphanages, a lot of stuffs actually. It was a golden period.

         Paint Pondicherry was initiated by Mageshwar Rdk with that same thought. To be philanthropic by ART.To paint walls, bring colours in the streets, make the piss spots not usable, make sure certain streets dont stink,dont glare, make some loud walls useful. That was my intention when the ideology was created. Same time people also started in chennai , they succeeded. Its a different story.

But this idealogy was a little differently drafted when I thought, Isnt it government's duty to keep the city clean? or The walls, if they are private, whats philanthropic in doing good for one family/ one office/ one wall. So I wanted to start with Schools. I still find it difficult to justify what Paint Pondicherry does now is good for the society from the scarp. Right where societies are built - Schools!.Its very hard to explain How good does Branding do for a sales function likewise, its like you can never make a sales guy understand marketing is helps sales increase in a very much quantifiable factor.Its the same level of difficulty I get when I try to quantify the outcome of it.
Let me try here,

So what do we do, We select underprivileged school in and around pondicherry, gather volunteers and paint some good art for them, Write good quotes and obviously Thirukural, Aathichudi and more.As simple as that! This is what we do, yeah we also distribute some needy materials for the kids - Easily Explainable version.

So What I want to putforth here is the importance of the little things we create.

When its about painting, Everyone wants to contribute, You can be a girl or a guy, You can be a student or who is working,Even If you dont know painting, We accommodate certain works for you (Includes the Primer finishing first also), We create a Happy Activity with absolute volunteering.

When its about painting and colours, we look at kids, we look at them with a smile, we look at them with a curiosity, it just attracts them, A Positive attraction,

When we are done with one painting, end of the day its the boring school now with a good colorful wall, trust me it does give them Joy which nothing else can give, We create Joy for them,

When we interact with those little hearts, We try to understand the actual demographics there, Trust me its never the schools which they show in movies, its much more deep and very critical, basic school education is very crticial,

When we distribute the materials, only relatable materials, never money eg Crayons, Four Line Notebooks, Colouring Notebooks, pencils etc for them we have made a little part in making them attend school, a very little part.

I made sure painting does gives something out of it, A cartoon might give a peck of joy while you enter the school, A thirukural Might remind everyone everyday that certain things has to happen in a
certain way, Etc.

 A Picture does Speak a Thousand words.

When its about doing something for someone who is not all relatable to you, you would find contentment, We create Happiness genuinely. We think Art is the best way to gather people.

Most of all we all work towards a single goal, Hope.

Spread Peace.

Mageswar R
Paint Pondicherry

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